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I was selected to attend an event at the London Frame Studio
organised by Total Greek yoghurt and of course I dragged my
American guest along with me to share the experience.
We were happy/nervous pupils being taught how to Rumba, Salsa
and Tango by the pros - Dee Thresher celebrity fitness expert and
Jesús Reyes Ortiz Jr dance instructor from the US.

 O' yes, it was a PROPER work out whilst trying to not look like the odd ones out
...hard work! However, it was fun and very friendly, which helped us shake off
any embarrassment or pressure.

The class was rounded off nicely with a generous spread of tasty food,
refreshments and other great stuff courtesy of Total Greek yoghurt.
If you don't like the gym, this could be an alternative keep fit method for you.

Now I have the hunger for more Rumba dancing so 'Strictly Come' or 'Dancing with' -
here these happy feet come!

More Fun on the Floor

This time it was fun on the 6th floor, where I ate lunch at the London Ken…


Don't forget to get the vacay experience as you never know, it may
help to broaden your horizon and provide a wealth of varied perspectives.

Travel light if you can so that you can focus on the trip rather than
your luggage.

Here are great places to visit...

Two hours on the Eurostar to Brussels
(Brugge). All  that I can say is:
discount clothes shopping
beautiful architect
Flemish rabbit stew and
chocolate - note; not in any particular order.


Three hours to Marrakesh, a place which awakens all of your senses
to the following:
various herbs and oils.
tagine cuisine
Moroccan tea and
Water park hotel is a must!

Italy - Skiing

Two hours to Italy
 (12 hour if travelling on a coach)
Bring thermals, woolly hats and skiing gloves and
hire the rest of the gear needed.
Don't forget: make sure you're fit enough for the slopes.

 USA - Atlanta

Eight hours to the city where the urban arts
is deep rooted and you get a chance to learn about
how the weather and …
LEFT hander
in a RIGHT handed world

This post is dedicated to all my left handed friends, relatives and readers.

Many left handed people experience difficulties with doing regular things
due to the lack of consideration and thought put into designing tools,
equipment and everyday things. Even Prince William, a well documented
lefty said he wasn't able to participate in a game of polo because he
was a lefty.

Also, lefties are considered a danger in field hockey when using a hockey
stick - playing with your left hand will get you disqualified in a game.
Luckily,  lefty pupils who have no interest in the game get off easily by not
being required to participate in such a sport.

In the 21st century - there is still a desperate need for more variety of
products to cater for the left handed  division such as ATM machines, 
front door locks close to walls, stair bannisters, toilet flush handles, 
hospital and ambulance equipment...
just saying things could be designed for all and be more …