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I was selected to attend an event at the London Frame Studio
organised by Total Greek yoghurt and of course I dragged my
American guest along with me to share the experience.
We were happy/nervous pupils being taught how to Rumba, Salsa
and Tango by the pros - Dee Thresher celebrity fitness expert and
Jesús Reyes Ortiz Jr dance instructor from the US.

 O' yes, it was a PROPER work out whilst trying to not look like the odd ones out
...hard work! However, it was fun and very friendly, which helped us shake off
any embarrassment or pressure.

The class was rounded off nicely with a generous spread of tasty food,
refreshments and other great stuff courtesy of Total Greek yoghurt.
If you don't like the gym, this could be an alternative keep fit method for you.

Now I have the hunger for more Rumba dancing so 'Strictly Come' or 'Dancing with' -
here these happy feet come!

More Fun on the Floor

This time it was fun on the 6th floor, where I ate lunch at the London Ken…


LIFE is a reflection of your perception.

Last week I made a life changing decision to change my perception...
after working for a top 10 FTSE 100 company for 6 years and 7 months
(to be precise) , I - was - made - redundant.

One morning, I woke up and said "I will use my skills used for the past
6 years to establish my own company" Fearlessly, I moved quickly
to find a professional name and registered at the Companies House.
I put everything in place and have accepted my first client.

I turned down good job offers and decided to start my own company -
I mean a real company with the nuts and bolts, company account and
all of that stuff.

It feels beyond great , it's sooo sweet!  I am working for myself and
building on my skills...I love it already.

I just changed my perception of my life, took steps in the direction
where I wanted to be and my life immediately changed and reflected
my current perception of my life.
I want to share with you ...