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I was selected to attend an event at the London Frame Studio
organised by Total Greek yoghurt and of course I dragged my
American guest along with me to share the experience.
We were happy/nervous pupils being taught how to Rumba, Salsa
and Tango by the pros - Dee Thresher celebrity fitness expert and
Jesús Reyes Ortiz Jr dance instructor from the US.

 O' yes, it was a PROPER work out whilst trying to not look like the odd ones out
...hard work! However, it was fun and very friendly, which helped us shake off
any embarrassment or pressure.

The class was rounded off nicely with a generous spread of tasty food,
refreshments and other great stuff courtesy of Total Greek yoghurt.
If you don't like the gym, this could be an alternative keep fit method for you.

Now I have the hunger for more Rumba dancing so 'Strictly Come' or 'Dancing with' -
here these happy feet come!

More Fun on the Floor

This time it was fun on the 6th floor, where I ate lunch at the London Ken…

During the week

Started my Christmas cake already!

I soaked my raisins in port ruby wine, a dash
of brandy and placed in a dark cupboard.
(Some people soak fruits like sultanas in rum or even gin).
They'll be just perfect for baking with by the 23rd of
December. Of course I will be uploading the finished product.
This will be the centre piece on the dinner table, I think.
Can't wait for the show stopping Christmas!

Why the goldrush ?

Many companies are asking us to sell our gold to
them. And why because the value of gold has risen
by at least 25% in the last 12 months so there has been
a mad rush for gold bars, coins and simply jewellery
especially Indian gold jewellery.

I personally wouldn't be tempted to sell my gold.
Normally, those companies will not give you the full value
and would make a killing from your gold. It's anticipated
gold will be in more demand so if you're thinking about
selling your yellow items it might pay to hold onto them
a little longer.

Laptop or de…


SO has your week been busy? Well now it's time to play
catch up with this weeks C& C.

When are you NOT too old to date a younger person?

A well known 32 year old presenter has been given a hard
time because she is apparently dating a 18 year old.

You wouldn't believe the names hurled at her...
cradle snatcher, desperate and shameful.
But men in her shoes do not get this stick at all, in this
current time why are women still being treated unfairly
and usually by other females. What's up with some people?

Happiness is the key to life!

Seriously, happiness is so important to really get the most out
of your life. I often try to find things to do that will
counteract stress and pressure. It's so easy to lose yourself in
daily grind. I've vowed to keep up with my routine messages
to combat intense days.

Try to think of simple things that make you happy.
Why not go to comedy shows, swimming, apple picking,
get your down time or 'me' time doing whatever, it…


Wow! Whataweek. I've had a blog break but I'm back
to spill the beans.

There's been fireworks, crackers and sparklers to celebrate
Bonfire night, Eid, Poppy day and the end of Big Brother
(Err such a shame - not)

Cute Cupcake

I was like a kid, had the best cupcake ever and one that
I will attempt to bake in the future. So deceiving, a cupcake
that looks like an ice cream on a cone. Imagine, I was eating
this yum cake whilst walking along the high street in the middle
of November! Mad. Purchased from Waitrose.

My Alter Ego
I watched an interview with Mary J Blige on the Chatty Man
show, and she seemed to have lost the plot.
Her interview seemed normal until she started to talk about
her alter ego 'Brooklyn'. Now I have heard it all before....
it's the celebs bad devilish representative, who isn't really the
artist them self. The crap we are being fed brings water to my eyes.

I just felt like saying "Err how old are you.?... Grow up Mary".
If I behaved…