Yes call me a fantastic fruit cake for managing family life, supporting strangers in strife and balancing the rest of my life with, shooting a video, self-marketing and working on blogs and websites.

WHAT DO I DO? I sometimes ask myself for clarity, so if somebody asked what do you do? I'll remember the concise answer and not spiral into a nonsensical jack of all trades in the doing a bit of this and that answer.

Most importantly I am enjoying most of it as I  have time to day dream and make my dreams come true. At the moment I am able to spend time staying connected with people I love.

This weeks daydreaming involved updating my rooms on a small budget and visualising my rooms  being decorated  on a larger budget in the FFFFUUUTTTUUURRREE.

So here's what the small budget looks like:, £6 - £10 prints

             Get the look on a big budget

THIS WEEK: Rude Food & Fire Was Lit

Hey Gems,

This week was about lifting my spirits with some rude food. So, I baked a few
Mug Cakes for the first time. Now the person who gave me the Mug Cake
ingredient book has given me the challenge of my LIFE.

Once I realised that the ingredients were simple and took under 3 mins to bake
in a a microwave - I knew that I was in trouble. Anyway, getting cosy
with a cake in a mug in front of the fireplace was dreamy and worth the
extra calories...I hope.

Find the full detail including ingredients here or on the In My Kitchen page
if you're up for the challenge too.

This Week: 7 great websites I browsed

It's so easy to get hooked onto the internet as if it was our only means of
knowing stuff. I am so guilty of doing just that.

I flick through many websites for a number of reasons; to learn how to
make my own websites better, to buy things I need and crave for, entertain
myself and to be simply nosey.

Fitness range for a £1 is pretty impressive so I've bookmarked this as a favourite. I plan on returning to this website for the cheaper
deals at 50p!

A website that replenishes new deals, discount vouchers for flights, hotels and more.

Great for quickly resizing any pics

I purchased a few bits like reasonably priced jumper dresses on this site

5 .  Mr World Premier 
Catch up with your TV shows. Being Mary Jane was a good watch.

6.   Sky Scanner
     My search for flight and holiday deals are not complete without this website,
     I love the January sales here.

7.  Facebook
I would be lying if I had left this website off this list.

This Week: Christmas Shopping Finale

I can't go on anymore with days of shopping. This is a cry out for HELP!...LOL
Everyday there are more bits to buy, it seems like it's never going to
end!  Tomorrow, I'll collect my vegetables and some fruit - oh yes not forgetting 
my Jamaican fruit cake, then that will be it! So no more  snack grocery shopping! 

Christmas is coming and I'll just wait.

This Week: Christmas Shopping day #1

Day 1 shopping for Christmas has kicked off. 🛍 I only have to stroll a couple of
minutes from my house to find the must-have decorations, clothes and gifts 
for this season. The focus is so much on whatever you want rather than need, 
so I must be careful not to immerse myself in the junk shopping, well at 
least that's the plan anyway.

So in order to be good whilst shopping I have not participated in any group shopping
like it's a sport activity or shopping with anyone with compulsive shopping disorders. 
I have stayed away from those elves in retail, who try to get you to try perfumes 
or clothes. Thanks but no thank you...  I have this shopping strategy in the bag! 🛒

This Week - Networking with designer labels

Networking with designer labels...?

Helloooo my Coco Lovelies. This week I was invited to a networking event 
at the House of Fraser City, a popular department store in London. 
Where Will Excell and LMA hooked me up with free makeovers and 10% - 30% 
discounts on all items in the store.

There was a DJ in the house (literally) and if that was not enough to wow me, 
they gave me a fantastic massive House of Fraser goody bag stuffed with all 
kinds of top notch beauty products including Urban Decay, Lancome, Laura 
Mercier, Benefit and my now favourite parfume Flower Bomb by Viktor Rolf . 

The best bunch of freebies that I have had in a while. 
It didn't end there, there were waiters topping up my glass with cocktails and 
Presseco; and we know that alchohol + department store = splurge 😧.  

So as much as I wanted to hang around 'til 9pm for their Mulberry bag prize draw
that I traded my business card in for - I had to leave before I became a retail therapy 
patient. Here are a few snip bits from the evening.

I ended up networking with designer labels rather than people...
...Nevertheless, it was worth leaving my warm home to attend in the frosty weather. 


Hey, I have decided to publish details about my successful diet so far.
I have devised a meal plan based on a realistic diet for me which covers my
health and emotional needs. I hope sharing my daily feasts and nibbles will
help someone with their journey to a healthy or healthier ever after too.
Side note: I eat home grown salad and buy organic foods whenever possible.